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Is your family having trouble coping with the challenges facing your child? Is your son struggling with ADHD, Autism or addiction? Is there an issue that generally plagues your daughter, compromising the quality of her life and yours? Do anger issues or depression keep you from being the parent you know you can be? Plenty of children and adults can benefit from neurofeedback and supportive family therapy, and in Studio City, in Sherman Oaks, in North Hollywood and in Valley Village, the clinicians to turn to are the trained professionals of FamilyTime Centers of Studio City, CA.

Why Try BrainPaint

What if you could work out 20 times and keep the gains forever? You can. BrainPaint is a workout for your brain with lasting results, and evidence-based BrainPaint is an innovative, ground breaking neurofeedback program that offers the most effective, most consistent results of any equipment available today. The empirically validated protocols it relies on train your brain to improve function in many areas that you don’t have direct control of:  focus, awareness, tranquility, quality of sleep, energy, mood, cognition and pain regulation. BrainPaint has also been clinically proven to help people who are dealing with addiction and post trauma. After only 5-8 biweekly training sessions most people begin to experience positive growth in the area targeted for treatment – and that puts a smile on everyone’s face!

Compassionate, Unique Approach

As caring, experienced psychotherapists in Studio City, CA, the staff of FamilyTime Centers believes in treating each family as a unique vehicle for love. When it comes to life’s challenges, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but there are proven methods for dealing with specific issues, and when those proven methods include BrainPaint neurofeedback, the psychotherapists at FamilyTime Centers will give you and yours the personalized, attentive care designed to help you overcome the issues that are holding your family back.

Take the Next Step

If you've been struggling with a mental health or emotional issue, you should consider giving a therapist like those at FamilyTime Centers a chance to help your family and you. What FamilyTime Centers offers is a chance to overcome problems, come together and embrace a healthier, happier tomorrow. Call today to set up an appointment or come by our convenient location along the Chandler busway.




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